Good dentist in Goonellabah

How to know if you have found a good dentist in Goonellabah?

Like all professional services, a good dental practice will be up to date with standards for best practice. Cleanliness and infection control standards will be in line with the Australian Dental Association’s guidelines. All dentists who legally have the right to practice in Australia will be registered through AHPRA. A good dentist would be a member of the Australian Dental Association.
Qualifications aside, there is a certain feel that a dental practice has when you arrive. It may feel cold and clinical or warm and inviting. The reception and support staff will be there to not only assist you with filling in forms, but also to connect with you in a genuinely interested way. A hand to hold during dental treatment can be comforting beyond words.
Good dentist in Goonellabah Lismore
A place where your Nanna can feel at home.
  A good dentist makes all the difference when feeling like your in the care of a confident professional. The dentist needs to be highly intelligent and committed to their education to earn their dental degree. On top of this, the dentist should have genuine empathy and concern for their patients. A warm heart is a great comfort, as well as gentle hands.
A great dentist will become your friend over a lifetime. Fortunately at Goonellabah there are good dentists available who can deliver quality dentistry, with confident caring hands. As for how you feel, well that is something you will need to come in and see for yourself.
The structure of ownership of a dental practice certainly has an impact on how a dental business is operated. An owner dentist comes from the interests of the patient first. The doctor patient relationship guides the treatment plan. Dental work is prescribed as required by the patient’s needs and budget.
In a corporate structure, the business of dentistry is set to pay share holder dividends. Dentists are encouraged to hit monthly targets and make money for the business. Sometimes the patient as a person can get lost in the system of making money. If you decide to go to a corporate dentist, it may be worth getting a second opinion on your quote. Corporate dentists in the Goonellabah and Lismore area are Maven Dental and National Dental Care.
At Bytes Dental we have different operators with different skills and styles of dentistry.
Kim Davies, owner of Bytes Dental
Dr Kim Davies. Founding owner of Bytes Dental.

Dr Kim Davies is the founding owner. She has a focus on preserving teeth by doing minimal intervention dentistry. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Photographs are taken of each patient help to monitor how the teeth are performing over the years. This prevents drilling and replacing fillings when it is not really necessary. When dental work is required however, Kim uses high quality dental materials to ensure the restorations are very long lasting. Gold fillings are still a thing!

As a true testament to her caring nature, Kim also does emergency after hours dentistry at Goonellabah. 0473374166.
Martin Ramlah dentist at Bytes Dental
Dr Martin Ramlah. Dentist at Bytes Dental.

Dr Martin Ramlah is a country dentist with a passion for his craft. Martin loves helping people achieve a beautiful smile and has a knack with dentures. If you are on a tight budget, Martin can do chair side crowns for a fraction of the price of a traditional crown. Martin loves to share his knowledge so be prepared to be informed.

Always up for a chat Marty will help you feel at home at the dentist. Up to date with the latest dental developments, Dr Martin Ramlah will certainly impress.
Danette Ryan childrens dentistry at Bytes Dental
Danette Ryan. Dental Therapist providing children’s dentistry.


Danette Ryan is our beautiful children’s dental therapist. Her scope of dentistry rages between ages 1 to 18 years. She has a focus on preventive dentistry, educating children on the importance of routine oral care. With over 20 years of experience and grown children of her own, Danette knows how to relate with kids to give a positive dental experience.
Great dentists in Goonellabah are all located under the one roof at Bytes Dental Lismore, at the GP Super Clinic on Rous Road. We encourage you to book an appointment to see for yourself. Call 6624 7068 or check available appointments online.
Bytes Dental. Bring forth your best self!
Dr Hilary Knight at Bytes Dental
Dr Hilary Knight is soon to join our team at Bytes Dental.