Dental Fees

 Estimate of dental fees at 2020

So how much is it going to cost? Surprisingly your first visit will not cost very much because any complex treatment, if needed, will not be performed on day one. So what can you expect?

Your first visit may be an introductory check up and Xrays. Standard fee is $65 + $45 per Xray. On average this works out to $155 to assess the whole mouth and come up with a plan.

If you are just wanting a quick fix – either a filling repaired or a hole filled – $170 – $270 (In the unusual event that there are complications then the dentist will need to discuss this with you and alter the fee. This is not common.)

Removal of a tooth is $190 if it is simple  and up to $400 for complex wisdom teeth Рhowever wisdom teeth are not usually done on the first visit so best to get a quote first.

If you just want pain relief we have a policy at Bytes to have a $300 cap and any treatment needed to relieve severe toothache. This will usually involve removal of a tooth, and prices can vary if it is a lower wisdom tooth (up to $400).

A clean is $125 and Fluoride treatment is $30.

Any more details can be asked directly to the dentist. We have Afterpay and TLC payment plans available.

Regular Maintenance

Good dental health does not happen from a one off visit to the dentist. Rather it is the regular check-ins and check-ups that help to keep your mouth in check. For some of us this may be a once a year event. For others who have been bestowed “crap teeth” from their parents, then more regular 3 monthly visits may be indicated. On average a 6 monthly recall time frame is adequate, Xrays are occasionally required, but should not be a part of every dental maintenance visit. On average Xrays remain current for approximately 2 years. Those at higher risk for decay (for example with dry mouth problems) may need more intensive monitoring. As always, ask your dentist where your health is at.

Child at dentist
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