Continuity of Care

comebacksoongWe have a philosophy for dental health which centres upon continuity of care. What that means is that dental health relies on regular maintenance, both at home with your daily hygiene, but also in partnership with the dentist for regular check ups. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Dental problems are rarely “fixed for good”, but rather there’s a cycle of break down, repair, monitoring, and then intercepting before the next breakdown becomes major, like the loss of a tooth. The more teeth are saved, the less need for dentures in the future.

As part of our continuity of care, we will contact you every 6 months, with a reminder. When the reminder comes, remember why we send it out. If you don’t feel you have any problems then that’s a great time to have your teeth cleaned. When there is pain, however, we are usually having conversations about major dental work such as root canal treatment or extraction. Please don’t leave it until you feel you have a problem, as it may be too late. We look forward to looking after your dental health for many years to come. Bytes Dental Team

Five tips for perfect teeth.
Regular dental check ups can ensure we nip in the bud any problems before they become too big to fix. Hands up who likes having a tooth pulled out!