Do you need a crown?

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Feeling a bit rough, worn down, broken? A crown can help.

Just like the rest of our body, teeth get run down. The daily grind of eating, stressing, clenching, and lack of oral hygiene all take their toll over a lifetime. Unlike the rest of our body that has the potential to repair over time, teeth do not. They break and they chip, they dissolve, they decay. Dental fillings can help a bit, but ultimately they don’t last. That’s where crowns come in.

A dental crown can be thought of as amour for the tooth. The hard hat can be made of ceramic or metal and can last for decades. The tooth is brought back to its former shape and has a strength unsurpassed by fillings alone. Crowns look good, feel great and last a long time.

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Full gold crown
The crown gives support and the patient is able to eat again.

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Not embarrassed to smile any more.

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