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Need a dental make-over ?

Resin dental veneer


Cosmetic dentistry does not have to cost the Earth. We have many tricks to give your smile a lift, in a price range that suits your budget.


For years this lovely lady had put up with crowded teeth. This simple solution using composite resin saved her from having to go through years with braces. Total cost was $1200 for 4 teeth. Ask you dentist on a variety of ways to improve your smile.

dental temporary crown and veneers. under the crown.
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Here we can see step by step how the old fillings were removed and prepared for crowns. The temporary filling last about 2-3 weeks while the porcelain is being crafted by the highly skilled lab technicians.

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Caring dentist



Split tooth with crown.
Cracked tooth. Fortunately we were able to crown this tooth before it split apart completely. Nice save.
Erosion from lemons
Like lemons? Acidic lemon juice (even when squeezed in water) erodes away the mineral content of the teeth until eventually cavities form. Acid erosion also happens from stomach acid (reflux), wine, softdrinks and sports drinks. Part of this dental treatment’s success was that the patient agreed to stop eating lemons.


Brown front teeth
These teeth were covered with composite resin. No drilling required.
Composite veneers
These teeth were sculpted and composite resin added to realign the teeth without braces.


Dental Implant
Three sections of an implant. 1.The implant screw is surgically embedded. 2.The gold abutment screw links the implant to the surface. 3.The porcelain crown covers the gold abutment.
Canine 2 unit bridge. Maryland bridge
Tiny bridge clipped onto one tooth to permanently fill this gap. Alternative to an implant.
Maryland bridge. Dental gold work.
This Maryland Bridge bonds onto one tooth and fills the gap. No metal is visible in the smile.
Maryland bridge. Gap closed with bridge.
Maryland Bridge filling the gap. Can you tell which tooth it is?
Composite resin cap on front tooth
Composite resin repair looks OK but will it last? A crown would provide a stronger solution in the future.
Crowns on front teeth
Not embarrassed to smile any more. Crowns not only look great but are strong enough to bite down upon with full force.