Children’s Dentist

Children need a lot of attention to help them feel comfortable at the dentist. Parents can help prepare children by playing a dentist game with dolls or teddy bears.

FamilydentistCentreSmallTalk about what things feel like – “Scratchy like a fork or wet like a water spray.”

How things taste – “Fluffy like cotton. Like toothpaste. Like rubber gloves.”

If kids do need dental work and need to have a local anesthetic injection, talk about a little pinch like a mozzie bite, and how it will feel floppy afterwards. The more kids feel comfortable about the dentist BEFORE they come in, the better the dentist will be able to treat them.


Orthodontics performed by

a general dentist

Dr Navdeep Kaur has studied paediatric dentistry and can treat children with mild to moderate crowding. Orthodontic plates are a good alternative to braces, especially where finances are a concern. Not all cases are suitable for this type of treatment. It is best to see the dentist for all the details.